Odd Socks!!

Odd-Sock-Image2I usually do laundry on Wednesdays and Weekends, but folding everything and putting away didn’t work out yesterday, so I was faced with “the pile” and figured I better get right to it this morning.

The one thing that never fails to mystify me are the enviable surfacing of odd socks after laundry day…where do they go??? Does anyone else spend time wondering about this? I would have to say I am a relatively neat and tidy housewife, but no matter how hard I try there are always mismatched footies, anklets, dress socks left alone, without a friend…once again…is there a secret sock club they all retire to when bored?

I diligently go through my “odd sock box” sure they will magically reappear because on occasion this does happen, but then I feel the need to keep them for YEARS because the other just might show up!

One of these days I will be rich enough to toss them all and do it with glee, but until that day…I search for the missing partner to my poor lost socks! Always the optimist, I am just sure they will reappear someday!

Have a wonderful day world!



The Magic We Cannot See

sunriseWhat possibilities still exist in this world? That is a question mankind has been asking for centuries. Every time a man or woman gazed at the sky and wondered if there was more out there than what we already know or wondered about the depths of our oceans this must be the question asked. There must be so much yet to discover, for what is life without some mystery?

The magic of childhood brings Santa down our chimney, the Easter Bunny hoping to our door each Spring, and the possibility of a glimpse at fairy wings in the woods. Although this may seem silly, it is still something I am loathed to relinquish even as an adult. Why not believe there could be other species of life in the vastness of our universe? Shouldn’t there be something to wonder and marvel over even as we grow old and closer to the end of our lives? What of Heaven and Hell, a better place once our earthly bodies wear thin and our soul leaves and heads for the next plane of existence? I believe in God and a higher being, that all things will come to an end in one place and go to another.  What of love that we have for others…does it continue and go with us?

I choose to believe there is magic out there and a life without some mystery would be dull and predictable. I look forward to the surprise of the unknown and the light of each new day. I hope my sense of adventure and wonder never ceases and my imagination continues to carry me to every corner of what “could be”…tomorrow is always a fresh possibility!

Be well my friends…Cheri


I have had a busy week. Sorry for the lack of posts, but friendship calls and sometimes you have to answer, not to mention my children…however, they tend to scream more than gently call! I have been thinking about friendship a lot this week. Family is the most important thing in the world, but God picks your family for you. Friends are different, because you get to choose them and decide to share parts of your life with them and them with you. In my opinion, that makes friendship particularly special!

I was remembering all the years of Girls Scouts and high school sagas with some, the toilet papering wars of 8th grade between Woodside Drive and Tote Road, my sorority sisters and college fun, early married years and our Army/ROTC gang, sharing babyhood as young mothers and toddlers playing while we gossiped, moving and leaving and that being so hard, making new friends and learning to love them too, remembering old friends and walking down memory lane…these are all important to me. I think my friends have really shaped me as a girl first, as a woman and mother later. Once my friend always my friend…so here’s to you….my peeps! Love you all and treasure the fun, the NOT so fun, and all the times we shared because you had a very big part in making me…me 🙂 Thank you for all your support over the years because I can’t imagine my life without you!!

P.S….we all need to take more pictures together! It was so much fun to look through all these photos this morning but I need more recent ones too! I am so bad about remembering! Make me take pictures even if it is a “bad hair day!”

Happy Pancake Friday World…May your day be wonderful!!

The Money Man

Copper was born into what surely would have been a very miserable life for a dog. He and his 5 siblings and their mother were in a house with 63 other canines, all in ill health. To make matters worse, they were only one day from being euthanized when some amazing person donated enough money to the Licking County Human Society allowing them all to be saved. He spent his first weeks of freedom at their facilities getting healthy and that is when Dan, Tori, and Maddie met him and fell into puppy love. I know there are those that think he is a little odd looking, but what he lacks in style he makes up for in personality! He is a mixture of Yellow Lab, German Shepard, and Dachshund…big body and short, stumpy legs. You will never see a dog with more joie de vie than our little boy!
Because he is so sweet natured, he often gets away with just about everything. This includes stealing food from the table and cupboards, lounging all over the furniture, joining us in bed every night, the occasional late night trash raid, and most of all digging through my purse. I wouldn’t care that much except he seems to have a propensity for money…I don’t just mean he costs a lot….he literally eats ten and twenty dollar bills! He is Houdini with a purse…I can almost hear him talking to himself…”receipt…no that doesn’t taste good, keys…no…to hard, lip gloss…no, too sticky, money…yes…that is just right! Money tastes FABULOUS!!” He hates to disappoint me and is so ashamed of himself afterwards, but just can’t seem to help it.
So I am warning everyone now…if you come over to my house do not leave your purse where his short little legs can reach because he will rob you blind! He will also lick you, love you like the best friend he has ever had, play with you, and generally cuddle you with his entire squishy body. When he gets into mischief I just can’t stay mad at him! I guess he isn’t really that different from the rest of us…mostly good, but sometimes very, very bad!
Have a great day!

Potica with my Grandparents


As Easter approaches I was thinking about my childhood. Every family has traditions. My maternal side has many including the most delicious, ethnic food at Easter time. My favorite is Potica…truly a Slovenian slice of Heaven! If you like sweet nut rolls you would absolutely love this wonderful, delicate bread-like treat. It is divine!!

I have all these wonderful memories of going over to Grandma Rose’s house, watching the dough become paper thin. She would roll it out over and over till we could actually see the pattern of the plastic table cloth underneath the mesh of dough that hung over the edges of the round table in the kitchen. The dough was ready! Grandma would send me down to the basement…I loved the smell, earthy and musty with a hint of wood dust and dried meat. Grandpa Tony would be at the bottom of the stairs sitting on the lower step, cracking dozens and dozens of walnuts. Today we have the luxury of walking into a market and buying them ready to go, but my grandparents had to do it from scratch. It was very time consuming and that made the Potica extra special.

Then it was time to grind the walnuts followed by mixing in the honey, milk, raisins till it was a sticky, yummy paste. Grandma mixed the rest of the ingredients together and spread this over the dough, then and roll and roll. She would section it off let it rise, and bake until golden brown. Once it cooled the very best part was next…we would coat the top with a thick layer of icing…so good!

I always used to be amazed that her slightly knobby, arthritic fingers could move so quickly! How could she do that without her long nails putting holes in the dough and ruining it? Its funny the things that stick with you, but I distinctly remember the way the kitchen smelled and how warm it got in their small house and feeling very happy to be part of the process, the tradition of making Potica. Even now sitting here in my own house, writing this, I can close my eyes and still go back there.  These memories with my grandparents are some of my favorites I like to visit from time to time. To this day my husband regularly thanks Grandma for some cooking skills she passed along! Treasure your traditions because they are part of what makes you who you are!

Wishing you the very best…


Cake Batter Blues

IMG_1677Have you ever eaten the dough when you were making chocolate chip cookies or licked the bowl making cake? You know how your tummy feels afterwards…not great, right? Well, I believe that is what poor Copper Long is feeling right now!

Last night, I had attended a girls evening at my friend’s house. Things were quiet and Copper was up to no good! As you can see, he is a little portly, and my daughter, Maddie, has been on a one-woman mission to get him fit and healthy. It isn’t working and I believe I know why!

As truly one of the family, Copper loves food…he loves, loves, loves food! We were gone and the house was still, and the pantry cupboard was left unlatched…yes, you can see where this is going…a recipe for disaster!!

Copper found a fantastic box of muffin mix just on a shelf his stubby little legs could reach and his sweet tooth was calling to him…he must partake! Needless to say, when I returned home there was sticky, white batter residue all over the living room carpet. It is not vacuuming up easily and this poor little boy is not feeling well today! I suppose we all have to learn about licking the bowl…it tastes awesome but makes you feel awful later!

Don’t eat the batter!!!

🙂 Cheri


Soup’s On!

11243801_742003072577855_9220109519147381214_oCooking, cleaning, and laundry may seem like a nightmare to some, but honestly, there isn’t much that I enjoy more than being at home nesting and taking care of the ones I love. It is sunny, but cold and windy here in central Ohio, so I decided today I would post several of my family’s favorite soup recipes. It seems like a soup kind of day! I am a little of this and little of that kind of chef, so I will do my best to be specific, but if you have questions just ask and I will fill in the gaps! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful day!